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growing season…

i’m pretty excited about the daisies growing away on my porch.

i feel like this is a season of my life that God is growing me as well….and it might take a while to see where this is headed….or see the beginnings of bloom….but all i can do is wait patiently and take in the sun and trust in the ways my life is being watered and tilled – which are really out of my control.

there will be sunlight, water, bugs, and storms. my hope isn’t in the bloom…cause even though it will be beautiful….it will eventually wither away. my job isn’t to live for each and every bloom….but to live from bloom to bloom….in growing and in withering as well. to be content and joyful for each stage that God has brought me to.

i’m excited to see where these daisies will go!


1 timothy 6:6 but godliness with contentment is great gain.


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