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beth and i have always said…we met each other at the wrong time.

we say this because we only wish we could have met each other sooner. our lives just didn’t line up quickly enough and it seems as soon as they did…they will be separated again.

i moved from iowa to texas four years ago. i started working for Fossil and met bethany on my first day…she even drove me to my welcome lunch and we stopped at starbucks before heading back to work (i mean, if that didn’t scream match made in heaven, i don’t know what did). that was four years ago (almost to the day) on september 10th. our bosses biggest mistake AND best idea was sitting us next to each other. it was their biggest mistake because we talked…all. day. long. i mean…don’t get me wrong, we were still super productive, but i guess no on else could talk so much and still get so much done, so i’ll just say we set a bad example. it was their best idea…because we got to talking about baking together….and one fateful night of baking butter cookies and gingerbread men eventually evolved into lazybird. and we all know it’s our coworkers that get the biggest reward of our lazybird efforts – the taste testing.

however, today….beth and her husband stephen are in a packed up car…headed to madison, wisconsin. we have labeled this situation “happy/dumb”

let me start with the dumb:

it’s dumb that i moved from the midwest to the south….and now you’re moving from the south to the midwest. someone flip flopped our schedules and i don’t appreciate it.

it’s dumb that i won’t see you every day:
i. will. miss. your. face. we have been extra spoiled cause we’re not only friends who bake together and play together…we’re also friends who work together – go to the break room together in the morning to get water and to corporate services in the afternoon just to take a moment away from the computer and chat about the craziness of our day so far…friends who can take hobby lobby lunch breaks or indian food lunch breaks….OR pedicure lunch breaks (dang, who’s gonna get lunch peddies with me?!) friends who, lets be honest, grew the closest when we were cube neighbors….and were then definitely separated from each other cause of our chattiness. friends who get excited together about the smallest things and talk so fast and finish each other’s sentences, leaving our other coworkers just laughing at the pace and/or subject of our banter.

it’s dumb that you come as a packaged deal:
you leaving = my boss leaving (cause my boss is your husband). i’ve been so blessed to have had a boss that supported me and challenged me and who’s goal was for my growth…his shoes will be impossible to fill. (sorry future boss, it’s true….you have a lot to live up to) and thanks to you…he’s been a boss who could handle my occasional breakdowns….since my emotions mirror yours.

it’s dumb that my rollerblades will gather dust:
it’s so easy to talk you into adventures (turbo kick, rock climbing, skating). we are not compatible in everything….but we are adventure compatible…and i can count on you to try new things…hence lazy bird skate club. i mean, who even owns roller blades these days besides me and you. who’s gonna roller blade with me?!…AND turn around to chase down the ice cream trucks, without hesitation or shame of being the only adults (in roller blades) surrounded by children in line for a bomb pop.

despite all the dumb….i am overflowing with happiness for you guys.

i’m so happy that this opportunity has presented itself.

i’m so happy for stephen’s new job and so proud of him….he’s so talented and deserving. even though i will miss him as a manager, i want the very best for him and you.

i’m so happy that y’all have the freedom to move…to adventure…to experience a new setting.

i’m happy that you’ll still be close to family and i can only imagine all the holiday get togethers that will ensue.

i’m so happy that y’all found a house…and it’s lovely…and the view is beautiful. you’re such an adult in madison.

i’m so happy that you’ll get to enjoy all the wonderful traits of the midwest. oh beth, you’re gonna love the natives….no more polite, soft spoken, i’ll only say what’s proper….midwest people are matter of fact, honest, blunt even….SO much more your style :)

i’m so happy you’ll experience seasons, and beautiful ones at that….yes there will be snow….but it will be quiet and serene….and you’ll have an excuse to bundle up and knit and make quilts. you’ll get fresh springs and crisp falls and summer days that will last forever. AND the temperature actually breaks with the sunset…ok…maybe i’m getting jealous now and if i keep talking i’ll have to move this up to the dumb category.

i’m happy that someday when you have kids…they are gonna talk like me! “you guys”, and “pop” and drawn out a’s and o’s. hah…it’s gonna be great!

and speaking of kiddos…i’m so happy that yall are at a place where a family is within reach. (don’t worry, i didn’t say it was happening immediately) you’re gonna be the best mom. oh man…and the most dramatic preggo….(it’s dumb that i don’t get to witness that, for my own entertainment)

so…who knows, maybe i attack lazybird from the south and you get it goin in the midwest and someday our paths will merge again. what i DO know…is that even though i got you for a mere four years….my life has been forever blessed by your friendship and moving across the country does NOT affect how much i love you or how important you are to me. just because i won’t see you everyday, doesn’t mean you wont be a part of my everyday life.

we laugh about all the things we aren’t compatible in….but to tell you the truth, it’s been our differences that have made us fit together so well. i needed you to take lessons in confidence and standing up for myself. i need you for your ability to small talk and ask engaging questions…for your interest in everyone and their life story. i need you for your structure, your planning and for your big dreams. and maybe, just maybe….you needed a little dose of my laid back, go with the flow. (just sayin)


i love you SO much. BEST wishes in your new home! wisconsin….you better treat her right!



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one year ago: corndogs y’all

oh, it’s been a while. this i know. it’s been a pretty hectic month. between the two of us, there have been trips, house huntings, happy news and dumb news. i’m also still a “cupcake explorer” testing out vanilla cupcakes on a lip-sealed-till-it’s-discovered mission. so while my coworkers have been enjoying the cakes of my labor, y’all have been kept in the dark (till the day the recipe is cracked). so with the month of august…came a whole lot of crazy…but at the end of the day, the baking keeps me sane….so it’s high time we get back on track here.

it’s birthday season here at work, so i have lots of excuses to bake away. this week’s request: anything lemon.

i found this cookie on pinterest months ago and have been dying to make it….so thanks to tracy’s 39th birthday and his love for anything lemon, i had the perfect excuse.

lemon crinkle cookies
(adapted from Lauren Brennan’s award winning recipe)

1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 large egg
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup powdered sugar

preheat your oven to 350º. line three cookie sheets with parchment paper OR lightly grease pans and set aside.

in your mixer, cream together butter and sugar on medium-high till fluffy. mix in vanilla, zest, lemon juice and egg. scrape down your bowl and add in salt, baking powder, baking soda and flour. mix till all ingredients are combined.

measure out powdered sugar onto a plate. roll your dough into small (tablespoon sized) balls and roll in powdered sugar, covering the whole surface.

place on your prepared cookie sheet about two inches apart. bake at 350º for about 9 minutes or until the tops of your cookies begin to show small cracks.

remove from oven and let your cookies cool on the pan for about 5 minutes and then transfer to cooling rack to cool to room temp. or just eat them all right away, your call. you can also dust with more powdered sugar if you like.

and the result…..holy. moly. these cookies were delish. so light and fresh, with the perfect amount of zest to sweet. if you’re a fan of citrus…i would highly recommend these cookies. come to think of it….they would probably be just as tasty with some orange or lime as a substitute to the lemon.

you should absolutely squeeze in a batch or two of these cookies as the summer comes to a close.



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