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this is what happens when your other half gets to take an adventure to south by southwest….and you have to stay behind and work…*

you get a present! isn’t it beautiful?!

B picked up a bunch of prints from Hero Design Studio yesterday at flatstock….and you should hit up her site and do the same.

and here are some more of B’s favorite flatstock artists:

thanks to madpixel art and design


thanks to gigart

i like the bunny the most….he looks so embarrased! reminds me of when my aunt linda bought my sisters and me helmets that we had to wear when we rode our bikes from then on.

and also:

thanks to jason munn

and last but not least:

thanks to F2 Design

thanks for thinking of me B and sara!

*i’m just kidding stephen….if you’re reading this….i love work…leaving the office is lame :)



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“I signed up for a skinny girlfriend”

In the name of research and in the spirit of vacation….darci took me on a tour de NYC bakeries. she mapped out a plan covering the city and out we went. the plan was one treat at each spot…knowing the sugar would take over quickly and our list might diminish a bit as the day grew old.

ben is darci’s number one fan and boyfriend. over the weekend I heard the phrase, “whatever makes you happy” followed by a loving smile and kiss in regards to a necklace at the brooklyn flea, dinner plans, etc. However, the bakery tour idea did not provoke the same support. Instead we acquired the nicknames tubby and lumpy for the rest of the trip (we did, however, upgrade to “little” tubby and “little” lumpy when he found out we couldn’t even eat the last couple cakes) our hope was that all the walking would counter all the calories…..well…..maybe some of the calories…..the rest just get written off to vacation and send us back to the gym……no harm done :)

sugar sweet sunshine
spicy pumpkin: $1.50

i hate the word moist….but it’s the only way to describe a really good cupcake….so putting aside my complex for the sake of an honest post…..this cupcake was delicious. the cake was moist and fluffy. the frosting was cream cheese….super sweet….with crushed walnuts (it seemed) on top.

the decor of this spot is wonderful. estate sale furniture, flowered wallpaper and a top ten list of reasons to eat a cupcake. (not that i would ever need ten reasons) not many of the shops allowed for sitting and relaxing….this one, however, does…..which i appreciate.

butter lane
banana cupcake with cinnamon honey frosting: $3.00

this cake was amazing….so light and fluffy with a perfectly baked top….you know the kind…that has a slight crunch to it. banana flavor was distinct, but it wasn’t so overwhelming that the frosting flavor took a backseat. the frosting…..so delicious…..cinnamon flavored…with a little pool of honey in the middle….yuum. however…it was super rich and sweet….i could have done just fine with half the frosting. it was definitely one that made the jowls cringe a bit….but i almost didn’t even care because it was so so tasty (i can’t say the same for my cavities)

decor was bright and shiny…yellow walls and fresh flowers…adorable and friendly.

momofuku milk bar
grasshopper pie: $5.25

“this is my last bite, otherwise I will die”
oh whoa butter graham crust…this pie was delicious but a lot to handle…..two of us couldn’t even finish one slice….it was dangerously rich. the pie was a brownie mint cream cheese…we believe that marshmallow was added to the top…but that was just our best guess. the filling….perfect…very rich but oh so tasty. the crust….holy butter….it really was a lot for the two of us to handle….and a smidge salty as well….once i realized it was the crust that was overwhelming me…i resorted to scooping out the inside.

spot dessert bar
vanilla yuzu lemon cupcake: $2.75

oh man…im pretty sure this was my favorite…best frosting in the world! the frosting was lemon flavored and it was crazy light, fluffy and tangy….i feel like after a cupcake you usually feel like your teeth are coated with sugar for the rest of the day…but definitely not the case with this little guy. the cake was light, moist and yummy…..all until we came upon a lemon filling….this i was not a fan of. it was SUPER zesty and took over the rest of the flavors….didn’t slow us down though :) just left the filling to the side and devoured the rest of the cake.

this was a sit down and order off a menu spot…..we felt a little bad that we were only ordering one cupcake and two waters…..but what are you gonna do?

s’more cupcake: $2.75 for premium flavors
$1.50 for regular flavors (but why would you)

yum yum yum….this was probably the last cake we could fully eat, as we were hitting our sugar limit. we had already stopped at a fruit stand to grab a banana and help level our sugar levels out a tiny bit….or at least feel like we had consumed something relatively normal. i think what was so amazing about this cupcake was that the marshmallow topping had been toasted and you got that “just off the campfire” taste. there was also a chocolate ganache filling….mmmmm. the cake flavor had little to write home about. we believed they were going for a graham taste….but the other flavors were just too amazing for the cake to make much of an impression.

crumbs bake shop
caramel apple cupcake: $3.75

these cupcakes were huge…and we had definitely maxed out our sweet levels for the day. crumbs seems to be more of a novelty cupcake shop….lots of candy toppings. i’m not so sure all the flair is necessary for a really tasty cupcake….but i’m also never opposed to having another excuse to eat m&ms. we chose the caramel apple cupcake….to go. we did snag a bite each before boxing it back up. once we ended the day and got back home we gave this guy another shot to win us over…and mmmm….time was what we needed to appreciate this one. the cake was a cinnamon apple flavor with the kicker of a little pocket of cinnamon apple bites in the middle. the apples in the middle made the cake nice and ooey gooey. the frosting was buttercream with caramel drizzled over the top….still too sweet for my poor little teeth…but tasty none the less. This cake won darci’s top pick.

you can also sit and eat at crumbs…they have a bar at the front window and tables in the back….be warned that if you stay to eat…..you might end up ordering more by the time you leave

baked by melissa
peanut butter cup: $1.00

it’s a lot of taste for such a tiny cake. it may be that darc and I were past the point of bottoming out…..or maybe we just picked the richest cake on the menu but this tiny bite of cupcake was a little too much to handle. my guess is it was the peanut butter that topped the cake and made an extra appearance as a filling….cause that’s always gonna coat your mouth and throat. but this late in the day…you can’t have a cake like this without a glass of milk to wash it down. the menu consisted of teeny tiny cupcakes with wild flavors including cookie dough, peanut butter and jelly and chocolate chip pancake…if we weren’t so full at this point we probably would have consumed more of a variety at a 3 cupcakes for $3 deal.

vanilla: $2.75

again…this little buddy had to be boxed up and taken home….we didn’t even dare take a bite before leaving. the shop was packed and an NYC hot spot. after letting our tummies settle and giving the take home cakes another shot….i can’t say this one lived up to the hype. (sorry) the frosting was sweet sweet sweet…which is probably what pushed it over the edge for me. the cake was good….it was pretty dense though, not so fluffy…but i still enjoyed it…darci, not so much. after a few bites my belly was already telling me no more.

So there you have it…..lazy bird in the big apple. research has never been so delightful.


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