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this is what happens when your other half gets to take an adventure to south by southwest….and you have to stay behind and work…*

you get a present! isn’t it beautiful?!

B picked up a bunch of prints from Hero Design Studio yesterday at flatstock….and you should hit up her site and do the same.

and here are some more of B’s favorite flatstock artists:

thanks to madpixel art and design


thanks to gigart

i like the bunny the most….he looks so embarrased! reminds me of when my aunt linda bought my sisters and me helmets that we had to wear when we rode our bikes from then on.

and also:

thanks to jason munn

and last but not least:

thanks to F2 Design

thanks for thinking of me B and sara!

*i’m just kidding stephen….if you’re reading this….i love work…leaving the office is lame :)



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